Hi, I'm Tina!

I go with the flow of life and the power of my thoughts. I'm an adventurous soul, a pathfinder.
I don't like to blend in or follow the unspoken rules. 
I just have the need to be freely creative. The need to see things differently.

My Mission

To use my creative gift, my eye for detail and my experience to help others with their online presence, from website management to curated and customized social media graphics, you will be heard, seen and you will stand out. To give you the tools and the visuals you need to look professional.

My Passion

A designer currently living in Alberta, Canada. For the past six years I've worked with women and their small businesses, helping with
social media, website management and branding specializing in brands/small businesses that promote a sustainable environment. 
With over 11 years of experience in graphic design, 
I create inspiring visuals that are accentuated by nature and compelling landscapes and designed to attract.
Through my blog and my social media I aim to share my tips, tricks and news about graphic design and visual content
to help others achieve a higher level of success.

Other Stuff

I was once in the Canadian Armed Forces, giving me a ton of discipline and leadership skills.
I've had a hard and interesting life so far, tons of life lesson that I want to share with the world,
some tragic and some amazing but the reasons why I'm a strong, empowered woman today.
I have a diploma in Graphic Design + Web Development.
I bring 20 + years of experience in photography and visual art.


"She has amazing prints, a great eye for finding the right shot, and can customize your order to fit your needs. I love every one of her pictures." - Hallie

"Tina is an exceptionally talented artist. She designed a logo for my photography business and I was so impressed with the outcome. Tina is one of a kind and I highly recommend her work." - Rana (Rana Asha Photography)

"Tina designed a Logo for my business, she went up and above my expectations! Thanks a bunch!!" - Holly (Southern Charm Photography)

Photographer & Content Creator - Alberta, Canada - Pixels by Tina

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