Free Food!

Nature photography & lifestyle blog - alberta, canada - Pixels by tina
Nature Photography & Lifestyle Blog - Alberta, Canada - Pixels by Tina
Nature photography & lifestyle blog - alberta, canada - Pixels by tina

Did you know that even if you live in an apartment or a small space you can grow your own vegetables and fruits?

Why I grow my own fresh foods:

For a long time I didn't know, but when my son was born, I started worrying about ever running out of food, I don't know why I worry about that so much, we always have food on our plates. But let's say something happened and there was no grocery store to go to, then what? It made me realize how much we rely on others to survive and I wanted to change that as much as possible. Others as in the grocery store for food, the gas company for electricity and so on. I plan on buying solar panels too by the way, haha!

Save some extra dimes for your pocket:

One thing I started doing is growing our own produce. We move a lot, we don't own a house so it was always a challenge to plant a garden. After doing some reading, I learned we could plant much of the fresh food we eat now, ourselves at home and in buckets! Yeah...pretty awesome. A little tip to save some money, some restaurants throw away their huge plastic buckets which once contained things like butter and oil, if you ask them they may give them to you instead. Or do what I did, I went to garage sales and found some huge plastic "Rubbermaid" bins and I even planted pumpkins one year...on my balcony! Also, when I do buy produce at the store, I save all the seeds, clean them and dry them. Some seeds haven't grown, the ones that don't have their seeds on the outside like strawberries, most likely because they have been sprayed with chemicals.

Extra tip:

Another tip I have for free food is apple trees! In Canada it would be crab apples. They are everywhere and a lot of people throw them out! You guys know you can make some pretty delicious apple sauce and pies with them right? I found a few people that would of thrown them out if I hadn't asked on the swap and buy groups you find on Facebook, find one in your area, some amazing folks give out lots, like rhubarb too. :)

What you need:

You will need 5 gallon buckets, rocks to help drain the water from the bottom, soil and peat moss to cover the soil. For the nutrients, we use compost, which I make in a small bin outside.

My cucumbers and squash, I grow in a 10 gallon bin. Anything works, just remember to poke holes in the bottom of your bucket to drain out the water and preferably use dark colored bins. The first year I did this I used white ones and it seemed to me like the sun was getting through the plastic and burning roots that were growing near the bucket, resulting in my cucumbers not growing, not even blooms.

The list:

Nature Photography & Lifestyle Blog - Alberta, Canada - Pixels by Tina - Fresh Foods List

What kind of herbs you say?

I grow these herbs every summer - rosemary, basil, thyme, mint, oregano, dill, sage and parsley. I find them really easy to grow, and I use small containers for them, about 5 cm deep. You can even grow these indoors all year round with a grow light. I can't because I have cats and they would eat before it had to chance to grow more than half an inch high, crazy cats. (They have catnip and grass but nooooo that's just not gonna cut it, haha!)

Some things I got for free through my community...fruits that would of gone to waste had I not asked, so... ask and you shall receive!

Nature Photography & Lifestyle Blog - Alberta, Canada - Pixels by Tina

The point of this post was to share more about myself and to show you that nature is always there ready to provide. Mother nature may be unforgiving at times, but if you know how to survive off the land, it's less my mind anyways! 

Does it not make sense that we use what's there for us? I rarely, if ever, buy fruits and vegetables at the store that is not grown locally. And every year, I buy less and make more myself. This year I picked raspberries and made my own jam for the first time! I am pretty proud of myself!

I hope you learned something new and if you enjoyed reading please share!

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Peace & Love,