3 Fantastic & Free Photo Editing Apps for Android Users

657 Billion.  That's the estimated number of photos being posted online every year. It's also estimated that 85% of those photos are posted online using smartphones. In consequence, mobile photo editing applications have become popular and almost a necessity for most users and photographers, including myself.

This list is really short because I don't believe in editing too much, I rarely use Photoshop or anything else than my digital darkroom which is Adobe's Lightroom, and I don't recommend anything I haven't previously tried myself, I'll never steer any of my readers towards unhelpful tips and wasted time. I write these posts because I love helping people. 

Note: I didn't include Adobe Photoshop Express in this list because honestly I think the app is terrible compared to so many others, in the sense that it offers very few tools. I really don't understand why they can't offer a better free app. Another little thing, if you just love creating memes, quotes on pictures or anything of the sorts, check out the app Textgram, I use it for quick thank you posts on my social media, great app.

1) Photo Director Photo Editor App

My personal favorite and I the app I currently have on my phone. Created by CyberLink.com it has 10 million downloads to date with a rating of 4.6 on the Google Play Store. Powerful but easy, this app has everything all in one, I absolutely love it! It can modify color channels, it adjusts the tone, the white balance and the saturation, it has live effects, a collage maker, you can remove objects, it has an HDR mode, a vignette setting, it can blend, it has overlays and blur tools and it lets you easily save and share your final image! (Wow!)

2) Snapseed

Created by Google Inc., I knew this was a great app before downloading it. It has a rating of 4.5 on their Play Store with around 50 million downloads. A complete app that includes professional tools like RAW develop, tune image, details, crop, rotate, straighten, perspective, white balance, brush, selective color, vignette, text, curves, lens blur, tonal contrast, and HDR to name a few.  I've used it in the past and I really loved it, but I wanted a more... fun app for my phone.

3) Photo Studio   

 This app was recommended to me by a friend, and I've tried it and it was decent. Created by the KVAD Group it also has a 10 illion count for downloads with a rating of 4.2 on the Google Play Store. It features 200+ unique filters, a collage maker and a variety of settings and effects like frames, stickers, textures, shifts, blurs, blends, color splash, shapes, backgrounds and text. In addition it features tools to correct the colors, the lighting, reduce noise and sharpen.

-> What's your favorite editing app? Leave yours in the comment, I would love to know!

Peace & Love,