A Prehistoric Trek

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Imagine being able to go back in time millions of years ago and walk with dinosaurs. Wouldn't that be amazing? (Okay you're right, it would be a little scary and dangerous...but it sounds like a great time!) 

Well, it just so happens, you can come quite close to doing just that at the Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada, allowing you to step into a different world, called The Badlands.

Nature Photography & Lifestyle Blog - Alberta, Canada - Pixels by Tina

The park, which is located 18 km away from the village of Patricia or 48 km northeast of Brooks, has the richest deposits of dinosaur fossils in the entire world! As recent as 2016, a new kind of dinosaur species was uncovered. When you walk around, you definitely get the feeling that there so much to be discovered. Be amazed by the abundant fossils, unusual wildlife and stunning landscapes of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nature Photography & Lifestyle Blog - Alberta, Canada - Pixels by Tina

The park doesn't have a set address and it can be tricky to find, use these coordinates in your GPS: Latitude: 50.7537 | Longitude: -111.528. You won't know you are there until you get there. It's sort of hidden in a valley. 


When you enter the park and follow the road, it takes you to the campground. There are over 120 RV and tent-friendly sites, including un-serviced, powered and pull-through options. No need to worry about the sun and shade, the campground is shaded by old cottonwood trees, I find it beautiful and different than always being in the mountains. The Red Deer River flows along the park and the campground as well. A bonus for hot summer days!

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The park includes a scenic driving loop and spots with interactive stations, teaching you about the fossils being displayed. You can also book guided tours and interactive digs, book early as this is a very popular program! For free, you can drive the little loop and walk around in some areas. With kids in the hot summer days, that's enough. It gets really dry and hot, some days it is very windy! Plan accordingly.

It is truly a wonderful experience, especially for my kids! My son was beyond excited when he saw the dinosaur bones, then he wanted to go find some real ones, haha!

Nature Photography & Lifestyle Blog - Alberta, Canada - Pixels by Tina

I was amazed at how soft the sand felt. I had to touch it. Great rivers that flowed here 75 million years ago left sand and mud deposits. These deposits make up the valley walls, hills and hoodoos of modern-day Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Nature Photography & Lifestyle Blog - Alberta, Canada - Pixels by Tina

In the park, if you keep an eye out, you may get to see mule and white-tailed deer, as well as cottontail rabbits, coyotes and pronghorn antelope on the vast rolling prairie. Added are snakes and 160 species of birds including the Golden Eagle. This province will never stop amazing me!

If you are planning a different kind of trip this year, I definitely recommend coming to Alberta and experiencing this in person. Check out this website for more information: Alberta Parks 

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