Popular Instagram Hashtags

Photographer & Designer - Crowsnest Pass, Alberta - Pixels by Tina

There's really no magical recipe for gaining a following on any social media platform, if you're told using popular hashtags is part of the solution, you're not being fed proper information.

Gaining a following of genuine people and people being genuinely interested in what you're doing takes dedication and time,  you have to be passionate about what it is that you're doing, naturally. 

These hashtags are meant to be helpful in reaching people interested in your visual art, no matter your medium. Some are popular and some aren't as much, but use a mix of both. If you're always using over the top popular hashtags, your images will get lost in the masses and if you always use some that are unknown to the masses you'll barely get noticed. It's a wicked game but it's fun if you do it right. I've not only gained new followers with these but I've also discovered some great talent!

Find accounts that will feature you, for example, tagging sharecangeo gets you a chance to be featured by Canadian Geographic. 

Okay, enough rambling... I'm also writing this at the same time I'm caring for my two tikes, one is in timeout, the other is bugging me to watch TV, and I'm in the middle of making spaghetti sauce for dinner! If anyone is able to multitask, it's me. LOL

Here is my list of hashtags I use for different images and posts, I hope this helps you! I've made it into a graphic for you to share, so please do!

List of Popular Instagram Hashtags

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Photographer & Designer - Crowsnest Pass, Alberta - Pixels by Tina