5 Worth It Activities For A Healthy Mind


After almost eight years of resetting my mindset, I can honestly say that it’s really hard to do but also completely possible. Over that time, I learned a few things, changed some habits and picked up some new ones that really help me to this day. Photography has always been in my life, growing up watching my Mother take photos of everything and everyone, I was, you could say, influenced into photography and I’m thankful for that.

Now, I know things are different for everyone, everyone has their own ways of keeping a positive mind, I’m simply sharing the activities that have worked for me in hopes that may work for you too!

Photographer & Designer - Crowsnest Pass, Alberta - Pixels by Tina


Photography has helped me see the smaller things around me and appreciate them a lot more. I mean this in a lot of different ways. Watching an army of ants carry around things bigger than them, capturing a scene not too many people take the time to see. Watching the stars at night, exploring to find really cool waterfalls and abandoned buildings, seeing all kinds of wildlife along the way, all of it is pretty amazing. And hearing those who’ve bought canvases of my landscape photography say things like “I love it so much, I hung it in my dining room so that my family and I can look at the mountains every day and remind us that we need to stay close to nature."

Photography forces me to go outside in a sense, I can’t get any good shots if I don’t go out, I can’t pursue my passion if I don’t socialize and experience the world. You could call that taking photos on purpose, really looking for amazing things, not taking photos of everything and seeing the world through the lens but instead just going out to look with your own eyes. You’ll be amazed at the little things you’ll start to find.


Explore Nature

Nature goes hand in hand with photography for me. Like I mentioned above, when you start to pay close attention to how nature works and how everything is connected, you begin to have a greater appreciation for your life, for the things you do have right now. If a tree can grow from a rock, if a flower can grow from ashes, you can grow and bloom too.

The best is when I get to see how amazed my children are at the simplest things like picking rocks from the river and blowing on dandelions. Isn’t it kind of sad how adulthood robs us from enjoying the smallest things, from actually stepping off the train to look around? We get so caught up in toxic routines, we don’t even realize it’s that routine that intoxicates our joy for life.



Music is like medicine, it’s the best kind too. Even when I don’t feel like listening to music, I’ll force myself to do it and after the first song I’m usually all pumped and making a new playlist - I have a lot of playlists!
I’m going to start sharing them on my blog too, I often come across the question “what’s your favourite music to listen to while working away editing?” and “what’s your road trip playlist?” so I thought having a new series where I share those answers would be cool!

I can’t live without music, ever since I was a little girl, I listened to music like Led Zeppelin with my Dad. I remember him quizzing me in the car when a song on the radio would come on and he would ask me “who sings this?”, I usually got it right!

Photographer & Designer - Crowsnest Pass, Alberta - Pixels by Tina

Practice Meditation

Living in the present in one of the keys to managing anxiety and depression. Anxiety is linked to being too stressed out about the future and depression mostly happens when you’re stuck in the past and living with regret instead of enjoying the day TODAY. Stop worrying about these and do something today that can make a difference in your tomorrow and forget about the past, whatever went wrong before, use it as a lesson, not as an anchor.

Meditation can help you train your mind to stay in the moment, think more positively and gain more focus just to name a few. I used to be extremely nervous and stressed out in public and about the future. With meditation, I’ve been able to minimize the panic attacks and remain calm. This is just one part of everything I’ve done to better my mind and it’s taking a ton of work but I’m seeing a difference.

I highly recommend the app Headspace if you’re interested in meditation. They have a lot of information about mediation on their website where you can sign up for a free account or you can download the app in the Google Play store or the Apple store. This isn’t sponsored or anything, I just really love this app and I want to share that love! I adore their little characters and all the scientific facts, Headspace has 16 published studies on the impact of their app on your health.

Learning how to live in the moment has been a really big part of how I stay positive and learning that some things we cannot control. Mel Robbins is someone I follow, the things she talks about, especially her anchor thought strategy is pure gold. I highly recommend you check it out, she talks about things like challenges we face as creators, imposter syndrome and of course, confidence. She also has a YouTube channel and she is a wealth of information if you’re looking for ideas and tips on how to manage your thoughts or you can search #mindsetreset on Twitter and find some really useful information there as well.


Grow Spiritually

When you start seeing the small connections between humans and our environment, I can bet you’ll start to have a greater appreciation of the Universe as well. I’m not talking about religion here at all, I mean spirituality in a way where you’re completely aware of the powers at play, you believe in the law of attraction and being mindful as a way of living an abundant, meaningful and happy life. Things you can do to grow spiritually are meditating and prayers, giving and forgiving, living a healthier and more natural life and focusing on yourself and what’s inside of you. You have the power to change anything, you just have to look deep inside yourself and find your truth. What makes your heart sing?

Until next time,

Photographer & Designer - Crowsnest Pass, Alberta - Pixels by Tina