Create Killer Content With These Apps - An #Instabetter Way

 Photographer & Designer - Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada - Pixels by Tina

As of March 2017, there were 2.8 million available apps at the Google Play store and 2.2 million available apps in the Apple's app store, crazy right! 

No wonder we get completely overwhelmed while looking for new ones. 

I've been on social media long enough to have tried way too many, but the good thing is I found some really awesome ones that help me daily and I'm sharing them with you today. These apps are mostly used for Instagram.

Keep in mind that these apps are available in the Google Play store, you can look them up in the Apple's app store but I can't say if they will be there, I am not an Apple user.

Also, I am not affiliated with any of these, I am just sharing the love!

1. Leetags

This app is just amazing! I love it, seriously!

You open the app, type in whatever keyword you want, I mostly use "photography", "nature" and "Alberta",  it returns to you with a list of 30 preselected hashtags, the percentage of its popularity according to the keyword you typed in, the number of times its been searched and the total amount used in public posts. You can then add those 30 hashtags (I always recommend using the max amount - 30) in your favourites folder, you can quickly copy all the tags and paste them into Instagram in a matter of seconds. 

A good rule is to pick some of the popular ones and some that are not so popular, if you ONLY choose popular ones, your posts will get lost in the sea of Instagram. I sometimes use one hashtag that is totally irrelevant, it makes your post stand out and peak interest in others.

Another little trick I've learned is to choose the top ten hashtags but to also search those hashtags yourself inside Instagram and leave a comment on the top 10 posts. I often search for "photography", find the most popular posts and I leave my trace. 

Here are a few screenshots of what the app Leetags looks like.


2. Unfold

Do you make use of Instagram Stories? If not, you really should be! They are really fun to make and to watch! 

I use this app when I'm not close to my laptop to make my stories a touch more pleasing to the eye, a little more interesting to watch and a better professional look as well. What I love the most is you can edit the fonts, different than those offered inside Instagram. 

It's super easy to use, it reminds me of Adobe's Spark or Canva. Here are a few screeshots of what the app Unfold looks like.


3. Quik

Another way to create stories on Instagram is to use an app like Quik and create videos! Whether it be for stories (it automatically cuts your video into smaller parts for stories) or for ITGV, GoPro's Quik can get it done and with style. Add free music to your video, edit it, add flare and change the templates, the possibilities are seriously wide if not limitless. 

You can choose to add photos or clips to your video, just make sure that if you're going to use it for Instagram, adjust the ratio from landscape to portrait.

Here's a few screenshots for a quick overview of what the app looks like.


4. Google Drive

This one might be obvious but hear me out. You can use anything on a computer to design your social media posts, websites like Canva or Adobe's Spark and software like Photoshop. When you use these to design your Instagram stories, make sure you use these dimensions: 1080px for the width and 1920px for the height. Save them to your drive and download them to your phone and upload them where you want. 


5. Snapseed

Need to edit or be creative on the go? Try out Google's Snapseed, it's amazing what it can do!

Get this - it also opens RAW format not only JPG! Save your favourite edits as presets or use the ones provided - they are pretty sweet too, my favourites are the vintage filters. 

It pretty much provides everything Lightroom offers on a computer, it's a seriously capable and useful app, try it!

Photographer & Designer - Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada - Pixels by Tina

Alright, so I hope this has helped a few of you! Now go out there and be awesome!

Peace & Love my friends,