Social Media Marketing For Beginners: A Quick Walkthrough

Photographer & Designer - Crowsnest Pass, Alberta - Pixels by Tina

BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE! (Let me help a lil)

If you own a small business, if you're a creative, a blogger or maybe an influencer you should most definitely have at least one social media profile in 2018.


Because 2.3 billion people are on social media every day which is a gigantic market to tap into and help you with long-term business growth. And it's all free unless you choose to promote your posts with ads, even then, social media advertising can be one of the most cost-effective ways to reach new potential clients. 

Social media marketing will drive sales, allow you to connect with your audience in real time, build relationships and raise awareness for your brand or business.

As a photographer and a small business owner myself, I've had to educate myself about marketing and social media, today I'd like to share some tips I've learned that have helped me with growing my social media channels.

Platform Tips

Remember that it's way better to be amazing on 1-3 platforms than be mediocre at best on ALL of them, so to help you decide here are the most popular platforms right now in 2018.

- Facebook is today's version of the Yellow Pages.
- YouTube is where you upload video content.
- Twitter is the news feed, what's everyone up to?
- LinkedIn is your professional social media profile.
- Pinterest is a search engine, like Google in a sense.
- Instagram is the fastest growing platform.
- Snapchat hosts a younger generation.

Posting Tips

Don't post something just to post, have intent, a goal and include a call to action, have a strategy. An example would be "visit my store", "grab your discount code", "Comment below" and so on. I like to use images to enhance the stiry being told in the captions.

Be consistent as much as possible, not only in your time schedule but in your voice, your style of writing, be yourself.

People love being entertained and learn a thing or two so try to include one or the other, even both in your posts and boost your engagement.

Find your style of writing, your voice. Will you be quirky, funny, dramatic or friendly? Find one adjective that best describes you and run with it.  The most important thing you can do for your business is to know yourself and be you. 

Helpful Tools

Save time for better things and raise your graphics game with these FREE tools. I've used all of them and I can vouch for them being useful and easy to use.

GOOGLE DRIVE - Helps save photos and documents and easily transfers everything from your computer to your phone and vice-versa.

CANVA - Create stunning graphics in no time and with no experience in graphic design.

PHOTOSHOP - My personal favourite for creating high-resolution graphics and logos.

ANIMOTO - Create free videos.

QUIK - An app that lets you create videos and has the Instagram Stories format.

BUFFER - Save loads of time and schedule your posts in advance, Buffer will automatically post for you.

LEETAGS - An app that finds the most popular hashtags on Instagram, automatically choose the top 30 and easily lets you copy and paste into your Insta post.

INFRAME & UNFOLD - Two apps that basically do the same thing. They let you create graphics and frames for your images, your Instagram stories instantly look original.

SNAPSEED - An app created by Google and personally my favourite mobile photo editor. Packed with a bunch of presets, it helps you create an overall constant style with your images.

Top Unfollow Reasons

- Too many promotional messages.
- Information shared is not relevant to your services, product or brand.
- Posting and tweeting too much.
- Too quiet, posting too little and getting lost in the masses.
- The slang being used isn't fitting your brand.
- You never engage or respond back to your followers and fans.

Final Thoughts

Just remember that you'll get better overtime, experiment with different types of visuals and see what works best.

Always check your analytics, learn who your market is, what kind of content do they engage with the most, what time and day do you get better engagement, things like that. When you know what works best, do that. 

It's not necessarily about how many followers you have, it's about how engaged your audience is with you. You want at least 10-20% of your total following to engage with your posts the same day it is posted.

One last tip is aimed at those who choose to feature curated content on their accounts. A good rule to follow is that for every 3 pieces of curated content you post, you should have one that is created by you.

If you need ideas about what kind of things to post, visit this blog post and get 31 fresh ideas!


Until next time, peace & love my friends! 

Photographer & Designer - Crowsnest Pass, Alberta - Pixels by Tina
Photographer & Designer - Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada - Pixels by Tina