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Did you know that 1998 was the year Titanic, directed by Canadian James Cameron, won 11 Oscars! Not sure about you guys, but that makes me feel old! Anyhow, it's also the year I went to college for photography in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I've always been passionate about photography and the creative arts in general. Words were never my first choice of expression. I'd rather create images that stir emotions.

"But why nature photography in particular?"

Well, I want to inspire others to get outside and explore and most of all, to motivate humanity to respect nature and to conserve it. I feel a strong connection with animals, I've always felt I was their voice, here to help save them. I've rescued so many cats and reunited plenty of dogs with their owners on my own but also volunteered at a few shelters. I've always been able to approach most animals, even a moose and some Big Horn sheep. The same goes for all the life on and including Earth. Guys, I can't even squish a spider or a bug, I will take it outside instead. No joke. I am a conservationist.

Nature will never stop amazing me. It's where I find peace, the only place I am safe and the only thing that cleanses my soul. I struggle with society to be simple and being in the wilderness somewhere is the only thing I can do to free myself from everything. Well, that and my children and my animals. 

Quick Fact: There's a report called the Living Planet Index published by the World Wildlife Fund and the Zoological Society of London. It states that two-thirds of the wildlife population could be wiped out by 2020. That's only in three years, which is tragic if it actually happens. 

frank slide in the crowsnest pass, alberta, canada - nature photography - pixels by tina

The world we live in now has evolved so fast, we forgot to let go of old behaviors and bad. For example, 51 percent or more of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture, according to a report published by the World-watch Institute. Raising animals for food requires great amounts of land, food, energy, and water and causes terrible animal suffering in some places, not everywhere, I know.

So to summarize, I became a photographer because it is my voice and my passion. I chose nature photography as my niche because I'm connected to it, concerned about it and I'm here to help it thrive and the animals that depend on it.

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